Saturday, May 23, 2015

A girl made my day at Anime North!

So I went to a convention for something that I was not very interested in: Anime. A lot of people were cosplaying, including my boyfriend, his brother, and friends. I knew less than 10% of the characters cosplayed at the convention, and was feeling very left out. My boyfriend, his brother, and his gang cosplayed as members of a swim team from a popular anime called Free!. So as people went up to them and asked for pictures, I just tried to get out of the way and hid into the back ground.

This happened for a lot of the day. Except for when my boyfriend and I were alone. Then no one really asks for his picture as it is more rare for a whole group cosplaying as members of the full swim team.

Near the end of our day at the convention, I was browsing around the artists' area with my boyfriend and this girl approached us and asked us both to pose for a picture. like....whatttt??? I'm not even in a costume! Well...I am a redhead asian and I was wearing the "swim team" colour (kinda), but I looked in no way in role for any character from that anime. That girl who asked for our picture was considerate enough to include a seemingly not-an-anime-lover girlfriend of a cosplayer in a picture. Giiiiiiiiirrrrlllll, you're amazing, thank you for making me feel included!

She made made my i-feel-left-out kind of day!
Ooh and on the plus, MY BOYFRIEND TOOK ME TO GET WINGS !!! -craving satisfied- -happy me- #previouspost

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