Wednesday, May 27, 2015

The Black Tux

I am kinda bummed to know that my boyfriend's first time wearing a tuxedo was for an event I didn't care for: Prom. Not only was it not for an event I found not important and incredibly overrated (see my post about my prom experience) also that when you think of it, it can be put as: "the first time he wore a tux was not for me (not for our wedding), but for another girl for prom". Okay, that sounded way more jealous than I intended. What I mean to emphasize was the prom part. I still don't understand what the big deal is about prom. I thought tuxes were reserved for special events such as being one of the grooms-men for your good buddy. Prom though?

I guess on the guy's part they can brag about having already worn a tux, but at this age or at a high school senior's age? Does it really matter?

When I say tuxedo what do you guys think of: weddings or prom?
When I say the word prom, what do you guys think of: suits or tuxes?
When I say the word groom, what do you guys think of: suits or tuxes?
Does the average high school students even have the money for tux rentals as opposed to suits lying around at home?

I think the answers to these are clear, but then again, it is my opinion again. Someone please enlighten me with the opposing argument.

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