Tuesday, June 2, 2015

That Cute Coffee Shop

It was a childhood dream of mine to open my own coffee shop. A non-franchise, locally owned coffee shop. I've always loved the ambiance of a coffee shop even as a kid--when I didn't drink coffee. Passing by coffee shop store fronts in the city while growing up made me love the atmosphere even more.
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There aren't many locally owned coffee shops in the suburban city that I live in but heading into the city of Toronto, there are many. Since in the area I live in, there aren't many locally owned shops, I often go to the Starbucks nearby. I occasionally go to Starbucks for some caffeine at different times of the day at different times of the week. From what I observed, during the coffee shop rush hours on weekdays --before the early morning commute, lunch time, and after office hours-- I'd see the rush of people going in and out getting their drinks and leaving. There's that thrill of the rush. Then of course, the thrill is followed by the slow hours of the day or on weekends. That's when dates are scheduled, students find a spot to study, small support groups hold their meetings, etc.

It's that calm feeling of a coffee shop, with the buzz of talking customers and the scent of brewing coffee mixed with the small selection of baked snacks during the slower hours of the shop contrasted to the rush hours of coffee shops that makes the environment stand out.

A lot of things can happen at a coffee shop. Dates, meetings, students studying, support circles, etc. It may sometimes seem like normal everyday things but each experience created could be special to each individual. My boyfriend and I had our first date at a coffee shop. A small Starbucks in the middle of the financial district of Toronto actually, but let's save that story for another post.

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Aside from the coffee shop ambiance that I'd love to be apart of. My childhood dream of opening one of these shops also includes the opportunity to choose the interior decor. Making the place look all warm and cute, choosing the cups and serving material, and making the drinks and pastries of course. The decorative and preparation part was just all so thrilling. Then the pride of owning a super cute coffee shop. It was all part of a dream I had.

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