Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Hello August

Wait...August? Two-thirds of the way finished too! Where has the summer gone?

Even though I am glad that my 4 month summer break is nearing an end, I am still wondering, what did I really do this summer? Nothing productive it seems, but I still had a lot of fun bumming around the house, having day date with the boo, and this internship program. I also learned a lot about people I thought were cool but turns out they aren't the angels they seemed pretend to be at first. So I guess, I did do some things productive this summer.

The other week, my boyfriend and I went to Canada's Wonderland. When I pointed out the unicorn from Despicable Me being one of the prizes for a carnival game, he went to play. He played twice and won it for me! -does happy dance-  It's so fluffy I'm gonna die! He's so fluffy I'm gonna die. Thanks for the unicorn, love. You are my unicorn. Now I have a symbol of you in my room when you're not with me. Excuse me guys, the fluffy thing is kinda an inside joke.

About the internship, when someone at work asked me if I learned anything doing this accounting internship, my mind could not come up with one thing I learned that I did not know before. Well, I guess I learned things specific to the company but nothing that could be helpful to know for future jobs at other companies. The lady at work tried to convince me to pursue accounting with amazing points and arguments about how accounting is probably much better than other occupations. Even with all that, I was not convinced.

Well, I mean I could settle for accounting... But I could also settle for a lot of other careers. Last resort settle. I'd really like to just blind two people of how powerful I can become though. If that fails, then I'll settle for something.

Now that I only have 2 more weeks of this internship left, it means moving back to school. Horrayyyyyy! Moving out. About time I get out of my parents house again. Those four months of summer was horrible. 9PM curfew was horrible. Kids that are 16 get a later curfew than me. I hope I never have to move back in with my parents for long.

Now I have to get motivated, ace the rest of uni and prove two sets of parents wrong. Especially the set that isn't my own.

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