Tuesday, September 1, 2015

New School Year, New Me

As we are entering the last third of 2015, I'm becoming to put plans together and hope to act on all of them for the rest of this year.  Here are some of my goals for the fall.
  1. Post on this blog every week or so
  2. Find a part-time job or freelance gigs 
  3. Learn something about investment in the course I'll be taking and on the online investing simulators
  4. Get toned
  5. Be on top of my classes
  6. See the bright side to things ❤
About the last plan/goal, I've been on a negative spiral this summer and it's really taking a hit on my mood and attitude towards things as well. Basically,  I've been feeling terrible waves of sadness. I'm hoping to change this about me and not let things affect who I am so easily.

Okay so a lot of these sound a bit far fetch when you look at my track record of procrastination and priorities, but I swear this semester will be different, I'll accomplish most of these plans if not all!  (...Said every student out there )

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