Thursday, November 5, 2015

Mixed Feelings About ECs

Extra Curriculars. Do they matter if you're not applying to professional school? I'm sorta confused. As an Legal Studies & Economics major, I've heard that paid jobs are worth more than clubs and volunteering on the resume to employers. I'm not so sure of that now. I used to be involved in clubs in my university life, and I admit, it is good to have something to talk about in interviews and introductions, but do they really play that big of a role in the hiring eyes?

Many internship positions I found like to see demonstration of leadership skills in extra curriculars in clubs and volunteering. So what should I do now? Take on some volunteering or join some clubs again?

I always thought GPA was very important and I dropped many of my ECs this semester to focus on my GPA. Hopefully the extra time will give way to a higher GPA...? 

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