Sunday, February 14, 2016

Dumpling House

Dumplings anyone?

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The Dumpling House on Broadview and Gerrard is probably the best dumpling place in the city. Even the Mother's Dumplings in the core of downtown can't even compete. Dumpling Queen (?) doesn't have Xiao Long Bao -can you believe it? Xiao Long Bao (Soup Filled Dumplings) is the signature dumpling of dumplings! The Dumpling House on Gerrard St. though, mmmmm. They're amazing. You probably won't even find any Xiao Long Bao this amazing until you drive to Markham.We discovered it when my boyfriend lived in an apartment across the street from this place last year (we had a lot of dumplings that semester).

My boyfriend loves eating the Xiao Long Bao with the black vinegar I like eating it by itself. I also love their dish of rolled pancake with marinated beef! It is served rolled inside aluminium foil-- it's pretty cool.

The first time we ever got the Xiao Long Bao we didn't know how to approach eating it. We first started by putting the whole thing in our mouths and burning ourselves with the hot soup inside. Then we tried biting half of it at a time --which made us lose all the soup into our bowls. We finally figured out how to eat it after watching a DoubleChen video. We basically bite a small hole in the dumpling, cool it down by blowing in it a little bit, suck out the soup and then pour vinegar inside to eat the rest. It is probably the safest and most enjoyable way of eating the yummy soup filled dumplings!

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