Sunday, February 28, 2016

Just Write

"Just Write" was something my favourite high school teacher always said. Whether it is a page a day, a paragraph a day, or a sentence a day. As an aspiring blogger and writer, I've had big dreams. I just never knew how to go about achieving them. All I've been doing is writing papers for school, blogging on this personal blog and reading other blogs. Now I realized that it was helpful to have been writing all this time. Especially out of requirements and writing just for myself here on this blog.

Last summer, I started freelance researching and writing for some start-up blogs. Incredibly low rates but what can a beginner do? I have to start somewhere. Right? Mr. E. Spanier would say yes. Oh and a great big shout out to Mr. Spanier for inspiring me in his classes and picking me up from my year of downfall. He is truly an amazing and caring teacher --he'd probably be the best guidance counsellors out there.

In high school I used to leisurely write pieces of fiction. None of it was ever published anywhere online or anything, but now looking back, I actually had some great ideas and great pieces. I think I'll continue a incomplete piece from a long time ago. I started it in 2011 or 2012 ...I can't remember, but recently I was sitting in my sociology of law lecture and I learned something about some societal structures that could place a great twist into the story. [Who wants to know the premises of the story?]

I was also rolling around the net and learned that Amazon's Direct Publishing was a eBook publisher that many people use to monetize their written books and stories. I plan to publish an ebook some time. It sounds like a fun to make something on the side. I mean the worst thing that can happen is that no one downloads my ebook. The best thing would be becoming like that author who published vampire fiction and made millions on Amazon Direct Publishing when no traditional publisher wanted to publish her books.

So there it is. My goal for 2016: Write an eBook. I wonder how many people would actually read a short story that I write.

Oh and I'm still freelance writing here and there so if anyone wants to hire me, give me a shout!


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