Sunday, February 21, 2016

Playlist for A Busy Week

Reading week is about to end and I have a hectic week ahead. Let's see what I have:

Monday - Human Rights in a Historical Persective Critical Reflections Essay Due
Tuesday - Sociology of Law Midterm
Thursday - Quantitative Field Research Methods Paper Due
Friday - FDA Interview

After a week of doing nothing for reading week (YAY procrastination!) I'd say this is a pretty heavy load of work for me. -cries- Wish me luck

Thought I'd share my playlist I'll be listening to to help me get through the pile of work and deadlines to meet this week. Enjoy~

1. Standing in the Dark - Lawson

2. Hotel Ceiling - Rixton

  • The music video was kinda funny to me. This is the lyric video though   just so you guys don't get distracted from the song itself. 

3. We Don't Talk Anymore - Charlie Puth 

  • This song is getting quite popular. I kinda like it ...might throw it out of the playlist midweek because it's starting to get over-played everywhere.

4. When She Was Minne - Lawson 

5. Learn to Love Again - Lawson

  • "and our hearts are stronger than we know" ahhh

6. Six Degrees of Separation - The Script

7. Plane - Jason Mraz

  • Throwback to my first-year final exam period playlist! Haven't heard it in a long time so I think it'll get me back in the working mode.

Yes I am now a Lawson fan. And no, I did not make a sad playlist because I am sad. I just happened to find these songs   with the pop rock style that I love   that happened to be sad.

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